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MySpace fights for survival

Before Facebook took over the world, there was this little social media site called MySpace. It was uber-cool, attracting those who were hip, connected and expressive. It was arguably the first large-scale social network.

Trendy bands and celebrities all had a MySpace page, through which Gen Y was able to get that little bit closer to their idols. Above all though, it provided the first real way for people to connect with each other online, launching social media into the connected world’s consciousness.

Then Facebook came along, followed by Twitter and a host of other social networking tools and kick-started MySpace’s decline.

One area where it remained strong however, was in the music and entertainment arena, where it still provided a platform for artists to engage with fans in a dynamic environment. Then in July this year, Mashable reported that even this aspect of MySpace was losing ground.

MySpace’s reaction to this has been a complete rebrand and relaunch. Changes include a new logo, a focus on entertainment only, and the facility to share on Facebook and Twitter, the very sites that caused its decline.

The new site will hit Australian shores next month, with a mobile site and apps to follow for iPhone and Android thereafter. In the meantime, MySpace has released this video as a teaser:

Features of the new MySpace will include content hubs which combine programmed editorial with trending articles that feature news, videos and photos, a personalised content stream based on user preferences and providing recommendations and, seemingly inspired by Foursquare, badges that reward user activity.

Time will tell if these changes will save the once flourishing site. Positioning MySpace as a complement to rather than a competitor of Facebook is certainly a good start, and may well result in former users giving it a second look. However, don’t expect to see MySpace back on top any time soon.

And certainly don’t hold your breath for any movies to be made about its founders.

You know you’re addicted to Foursquare when…

Time for a bit of humour! For those who use location-based social networking service Foursquare (or if you know someone who does), there’s a few sure signs that a 12-step program might be in your or that person’s future.

Without further ado, you know you’re addicted to Foursquare when:

  1. You make extra stops on the way home just to check in
  2. You check in to your house when you get home at night AND when you get up the next day
  3. Every one of your friend’s houses is on Foursquare… even though not all your friends are
  4. You check Foursquare to see where your friends are instead of just calling them
  5. You get excited when you meet someone new who’s on Foursquare. Genuinely.
  6. You check in at every train station on the way home for the points
  7. You check Foursquare for restaurant suggestions before you check the SMH Good Food Guide/Zagat
  8. You go through locations reading tips when you’re bored.
  9. You go through locations adding tips when you’re bored.
  10. You start collecting badges that you’d rather not be awarded (e.g. a MALE friend of mine who scored the “Housewife” badge!)
  11. You turn on international data roaming and pay a fortune so you can check in on vacation
  12. You time your check ins so that you don’t do more than three in 15 minutes
  13. When you read that you knew what it meant
  14. You get upset when there’s no 3G reception and you can’t check in
  15. You get upset when Foursquare says you’re too far and withholds points
  16. You get really excited when you become mayor of a venue
  17. You do a victory dance when you become mayor of a venue
  18. You get upset when you’re ousted as mayor of a venue
  19. You make it a point to win back that mayorship
  20. You start Twitter stalking the guy who stole that mayorship


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